Knox County Hospital District Administrator, Stephen Kuehler, invites you to step inside and enjoy the excitement of exceptional rural healthcare in a warm and friendly atmosphere. As your hometown healthcare team, the District offers many services designed to improve community health and wellness.

Knox County Hospital District is a 14-bed, non-profit, acute care facility serving Knox County and the surrounding areas. Whether your heath care needs are urgent or chronic, we welcome you to experience compassionate and personalized care provided by people you know.

Inside our historic facility you will find state-of-the-art equipment, skilled providers, and professional care. Your hometown healthcare team is here to serve you.

Knox County Hospital Wins the Womens Choice Award

The scoring that awarded Knox County Hospital the Women’s Choice Award By Women Certified was arrived by the HCAHPS database. The score takes a subset of the questions HCAHPS uses for our research and experience shows are more important to women than to men. We apply weight to each of those questions to justify for relative importance to arrive at numerical score which has no intrinsic meaning of importance. The scoring is totally objective and uniform. The 100 best scores in each of the 4 size categories determines the Award winners.