Answers to Those Saying Why I Don’t Get A Loan

Utilizing basic banking products is becoming a must in today’s world. In this context, as one of the basic banking products, loans can become a life-facilitating opportunity for various reasons.

Nevertheless, it is not possible for everyone to take out a loan easily, so it may be useful to answer who say to me why there is no loan and to touch on what should be done to reject the loan application.

Income Not Documented


Being a self-employed person, the problem of informal employment or failure to document this although there is a different reason is the most critical reason for not being able to use credit. If you have income and cannot document this, it is almost impossible to use a loan if you do not find a guarantor, guarantee or provide a mortgage.

Not Requesting Credit Proportional to Your Income

As per BRSA legislation, it is possible for individuals to transfer a maximum of half of their monthly income to loan installment payments. This is the upper limit, that is, a very high credit rating and a good record are required to use credit with this limit. Considering that this situation is very exceptional, it is possible to transfer approximately 30% of the monthly income to loan installments under normal conditions. Therefore, it is possible to reject the loan application if a loan request is made for the limits above this limit.

To calculate how many loan applications you can apply, you can divide your income by two and multiply by the number of terms. The resulting figure will indicate the maximum amount of credit that can be withdrawn. If you don’t have a perfect credit score, all you have to do is divide your income by 3 and multiply by the number of terms. Accordingly, the loan application you will make will likely be approved.

Payable to Another Bank Currently

Payable to Another Bank Currently

If you have taken out a loan from a different bank or are still paying for your credit card debt, this may result in your credit application being refused. Because, as mentioned in Article 2, it is possible for people to transfer only a part of their monthly income to loan installment payments.

Therefore, the fact that a debt payment takes up space in your monthly income is a serious risk factor for a new loan allocation. What needs to be done is to close the current debt and apply for a loan later.


Failure to fulfill financial responsibilities arising from basic banking products used in previous periods is also a sufficient reason not to use credit. If you have had failing payments (including delays) in the last 1 year, it is quite possible that the loan application you have made is negative. It is necessary to continue regular payments and not to request a loan for a while in order to be able to raise the falling credit score again.

No Credit Rating Occurred

No Credit Rating Occurred

If you are going to use a credit or credit card for the first time or if your credit score has not been formed for any reason, it is possible that your credit application will be rejected due to the failure of your credit score.

In this case, there are two different solution suggestions that can be made. If you have time, you will have a high credit rating if you first provide a low limit credit card and use this credit card regularly for 6 months to make debt payments.

If you do not have time, the only thing you can do is to apply for a loan with a guarantor, guarantee or a mortgage. In this way, your loan application will be approved. It should also be remembered that the guarantor’s credit rating has been formed and should be high.

Being Unemployed

If he has not been actively involved in the business life in the last 6 months, the loan application is rejected even if the unemployment benefit is received. Banks are institutions that act as guarantors and do not like the changes that occur in financial matters.

Therefore, the unemployment of the person is interpreted as a financial collapse and the loan application made is rejected due to risk. It is important to remind you that you need to apply for a loan after 3 months of employment because it is imperative to give advice even if you already know something.

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