The District operates two hospital-based rural health clinics, staffed by three physicians and two nurse practitioners.The clinics were developed to ensure access to primary health care on a local basis.  From pediatric to geriatric, our staff is able to manage a broad range of illness and injuries whether acute or chronic in nature. 
Services offered include:
  • Physical Exams & Medical Histories
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Infections and Injuries
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of High Blood Pressure
  • Laboratory, X-Ray & Diagnostic Testing (through Knox County Hospital)
  • Sports Physicals
  • Childhood Immunizations
  • Referrals to Specialists
  • Family Health
  • Indigent Medication Program
  • Many more...
Our physicians provide medical direction to nurse practitioners and are generally on-site during normal business hours. Nurse practitioners are Registered Nurses with advanced clinical training and education in primary health care. Nurse practitioners are able to interpret diagnostic tests as well as diagnose and treat illnesses.
712 South 5th Street
Knox City, Texas 79529
940.657.3906 for appointments
Ezekiel Duke, M.D.
131 South Munday Avenue
Munday, Texas 76371
940.422.5271 for appointments
Kevin Finley, D.O.
Chris Scott, FNP-C