Credit Cards You Can Use Without Fees

With the increasing use of credit cards, it can be easily said that we started to become a society without cash payments based on statistics published. Undoubtedly, one of the most annoying issues about credit cards in this much life is annual card fees rather than shopping interest rates. Due to the serious lack of information about card fees, it is useful to address some issues and list credit cards without dues.

Credit Card is a Legal Right

It is very little known information, but it is necessary to know that no credit cards without dues were put into practice after legislation issued by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in the past. Thanks to this legislation, individuals can apply to their banks and request that their existing credit cards be replaced with the dues.

In accordance with the said legislation, in case people have a credit card with an annual card fee, they applied to the bank and they were given the right to replace this card with a credit card without dues, provided that the same limit was kept. Every credit card holder can benefit from this right, which can be depicted as a card change.

After the owner of a credit card without a fee, what kind of opportunities will be given to this card is under the control of the bank.

Can I Get Card Fee For Additional Card?

Can I Get Card Fee For Additional Card?

According to the BRSA legislation, it is possible for banks to request card fees for an additional card connected to the original card. But this is subject to a limitation. Banks may request at least half of the card fee received from the original card or requested by the card. For example, a credit card with a card fee of 50 USD may have an additional card fee of 25 USD.

No Card Fees Are Collected From The Cards Not Used For 6 Months

No card fee is collected for a credit card that has not been subject to any transactions for 6 consecutive months. If the card has not been opened for use, it is not possible to request a card fee. In case of such a situation, firstly, the bank should be contacted and research should be requested, and then institutions such as the consumer arbitration committee should be applied.

Can I get the paid card fee back?

Can I get the paid card fee back?

This is not possible if there is an item in the contract regarding payment of card fees and if the payments made in the previous periods are requested back. Nevertheless, it can be requested by contacting the bank, but the initiatives will very likely fail. However, the necessary procedures must be followed and an insistence must be made to request a return.

In case of a negative response from the call center or branches, a registered credit card objection petition must be filled in and the bank’s response must be expected. It is possible to apply to the consumer court by receiving the written response of the bank to this document. It is possible to reach the desired result after the delegation decision.

However, it is possible to contact the bank in the future to avoid paying card fees.

After the meeting with the bank call center, if the consumers state that they do not want to pay the card fee in the future, it is possible to replace their card with a credit card without dues. There is no need to bear any costs for this change.

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