Get Payday Loans Online On The Same Day Mon, 10 Aug 2020 07:52:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cash advance payday loan online -Payday advance online lenders: money now Tue, 10 Mar 2020 03:24:55 +0000 The Internet has become us not only a source of knowledge and entertainment but also a medium through which we can go shopping, make an appointment with a doctor or consult a trainer. Through it, we can also take care of many formalities – submit an application to the office or send a tax return. The Internet helps us a lot in our everyday duties, suggesting various solutions available from our smartphone. Even extra cash can be obtained without leaving your home – online loans are available at most banks, and their alternative is non-bank loans, which can also be taken online.

Payday advance online lenders: money now- hurry

The first step is to find the best online payday loan offer for youIt is worth checking at the beginning of what your bank can offer you. Then you should compare the offers of other institutions. Credit comparison websites and other websites publishing current rankings of financial services will be very helpful. When you decide on any offer, on the bank’s website you will most likely find an interactive form in which you will have to provide your personal data and information on income and liabilities. In some banks, the entire process, until the withdrawal of funds to your account, you go online.

In others, after completing the basic data, a consultant may call you back to complete the application by phone. Your creditworthiness will most likely be verified through the Credit Information Bureau and based on the information contained therein and the information provided by you in the application, you will be presented with a loan proposal. It may happen that it will be lower than the amount you need or your application will be rejected if your credit rating is not high enough.

What are the characteristics of online loans?

Online loans are financial products that offer banks to achieve a specific purpose – for example, car loans that you can use when you want to buy a new or used vehicle. In most banks, you can also take out an indefinite expense loan. Online loans are often available in high amounts, you can find offers up to USD 200,000. Repayment of such a liability is usually possible for up to 8-10 years. However, you must remember that loans over the internet, especially those in high amounts, exceeding several thousand dollars, are only available to people with good creditworthiness and income, allowing repayment of installments, the amount of which can be several hundred dollars per month.

What are the alternatives to online loans?

What are the alternatives to online loans?

For many people, the banks’ requirements regarding credit history and the amount of required income may be too high, which is why they face a negative decision. An alternative can be a quick online loan from a non-bank institution. It is true that in the case of non-bank loans higher costs should be taken into account, but thanks to a more liberal approach to the creditworthiness of customers, such loans are more accessible, even for people whose history of repayment of previous obligations is not perfect. Non-bank loans, also those available online, are often characterized by a very short time needed to complete the application and receive cash on the account, and the amounts of such loans can reach up to several thousand dollars.

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Banks That Give Credit to the Medium Risk Credit Rating Sun, 02 Feb 2020 20:08:25 +0000 It plays a decisive role in the extent to which the responsibilities arising from the financial relations entered into with the banks in the past have been fulfilled and to what extent the future loan and basic banking products can be used.

Due to the current economic conditions, it is quite understandable that people demand credit, but there are still opportunities to use credit if some steps are taken for consumers in the medium-risk group (between 700 and 1099 points). In this context, it is important to mention various details regarding the banks that lend the medium risk credit rating and the credit products of these banks.

Why Banks Do Not Give Loans

Why Banks Do Not Give Loans

Banks’ failure to give loans or to respond to loan applications negatively are indicators of economic problems. If the loan applications made to banks with foreign capital started to respond negatively or stopped lending directly to consumers, things are not going well at all. This was one of the issues frequently spoken by the economic circles in the past, and such expectations are gaining strength in the future.

In other words, answering your credit application negatively is not only for you, but there are some problems related to the negative response of credit applications in the economy in general. Therefore, it may be more logical to increase your savings and search for alternatives instead of accusing yourself of wasting time and not using credit.

Perhaps 10 years ago, when you could use a loan with the same credit rating from any bank, you might not be able to use it right now, and this is because of macroeconomic problems, economic problems across the country. However, you may still be able to use loans in some ways.

How Do Those With Low Credit Rating Attract Credit?

How Do Those With Low Credit Rating Attract Credit?

Consumers with low credit ratings should first try to upgrade their credit ratings, if possible. It will be seen that the credit rating has increased significantly after 3-6 months of regular credit card usage and statement payment. After the increase of the credit rating, all kinds of basic banking items will be more easily accessible and less stress will be experienced.

However, if this is not possible, the things that can be done are to provide guarantees, to find surety or to submit a small loan application. Again, if you have not submitted proof of income before, submitting proof of income is one of the factors that will increase the likelihood of a positive response to your loan application.

Banks that give credit with a low credit rating

Banks that give credit with a low credit rating

Let us be realistic: no bank will allocate loans to consumers with low credit ratings with attractive opportunities, or say that they will give credit to consumers with low credit ratings and at risk of not paying their debt. When this is realized, time loss can be prevented, however, it is still possible to use credit much easier than some banks compared to others.

The reason why credit applications to these banks are more likely to be answered favorably is that the processes are fully progressed over the internet, and therefore there are almost no loan allocation costs. The bank, which has reduced costs, is able to stretch the credit allocation conditions, which is useful for consumers with low credit ratings.

Good Credit

Good Credit launched one of its credit products, which can be used by consumers with low credit ratings, a few years ago and remains the highest interest rate loan product since then. Consumers wishing to use loans through Good Credit are expected to settle for an interest rate of 1.59%.

  • 2066 USD per month for a 12-month term, a total of 24.893 USD,
  • For 24 months maturity, 1241 USD each month, 29.895 USD in total,
  • 981 USD each month for a 36-month term, a total of 35.426 USD,
  • For a 48-month maturity, a total payment of 861 USD and 41.445 USD is required each month.

How the Credit Rating Rises?

How the Credit Rating Rises?

Consumers who want to raise their credit ratings as soon as possible should concentrate on these products if they already have a credit or credit card before entering a new loan volume. If there is a credit card, the relevant card should be used regularly and statement debts should be paid without delay. After the payments made, it will be seen that the credit rating has increased significantly in a short period of 6-8 months.

If there is a loan debt, it can be seen that the credit rating has increased in a short period of time when full and timely payments are made based on this debt. Because of the fact that both payments are made on time and the debt volume on the person decreases, the effect of credit payments on the credit rating is much shorter.

You can get a different perspective on why your credit rating has fallen by reading our article on 22 Secret Details That Cause Your Credit Rating to Fall in an average of 4 minutes.

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Instant Online Loan – What to do with 50 thousand USD? Fri, 24 Jan 2020 20:20:24 +0000 If you are young and have enough money to invest, then you have to be more aggressive than the old people to invest. Now it’s time to save money and look for ways to increase savings to live more comfortably in the future. In this context, it would be useful to investigate what you can do with the 50 thousand USD you already own and to examine how an exemplary successful investment strategy is.

It is assumed that you have 50 thousand USD in accordance with the structure of this article and you can use all of this money for investment. These strategies can also serve as an example for higher amounts, but it should not be forgotten that all of them are not investment recommendations but only reflect personal opinion.

What to do with 50 thousand USD?


The answer to the question of what to do with 50 thousand USD should be answered in two different ways, short and long term. Because you can turn to different investment tools in the short term and different investment tools in the long term.

Short Term Investment (5 Years and Below)

If you expect your investment to return within 5 years or less, it may be a good idea to research the pension funds first. Pension funds decompose at different risk rates and usually promise higher or lower returns depending on the risk taken. In most cases, choosing the right fund will increase the savings of the person.

Although recommended by everyone, pension funds are a long-term investment instrument, so those who expect a return in the short term should turn to different investment instruments. Some of the investments that people who want their investment to be valued in 5 years or less can be considered really good.

Time Deposit Accounts

Time Deposit Accounts

Time deposit accounts are called accounts that enable you to pay interest after you borrow your savings to use in your bank’s activities. The bank uses the money deposited in time deposit accounts to meet the credit, credit card or investment needs of different individuals, and then, after receiving a small portion of the loan interest collected from this person as a commission, it pays the rest back to the borrower, that is, to the deposit account holder.

Time deposit accounts are a risk-free investment instrument, and income of up to 28% per annum can be earned. This rate is a very high rate and it makes the term accounts to be an investment tool that people can choose. Time deposit accounts can be opened monthly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly, 2 years or derivative in the desired term.

Treasury Bills

Just like banks, the government needs debt. In this context, the people who lend the government to use it in their activities provide this by purchasing treasury bills and in return of the treasury bills, a 5-year or a certain interest rate is obtained at a certain rate per year. Treasury bills currently provide between 23% and 25% interest yield.

It is one of the best investment alternatives that can be preferred for short term investments.

Other Bonds

Just like banks and government, private companies also need to borrow, and if this borrowing cannot be covered by the bank for various reasons, or if it is costly, companies can also borrow money and pay interest from the public. Bonds are risky compared to treasury bills and time deposits because it is possible for the loaned company to liquidate, ie bankruptcy, before making interest payments.

Due to this risk, the bonds offered by private companies often offer higher interest rates than those offered by time deposit accounts and treasury bills. These risk bonds make it an investment instrument that offers really high returns, if you are sure that the company will not be liquidated and trust the company, you can get a high rate of interest income depending on the time written on the bond.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds

Companies that offer investment consultancy offer their customers the opportunity to partner with their investments, and while offering this opportunity, they receive a small amount of commission. If you want to invest in stocks with your money, you can be included in one of the funds grouped by the investment company, you can become a partner and earn dividend income depending on your risk and income expectation.

Mutual funds are one of the most reliable investment tools, but you need to be sure about how much risk you will take. High risk means high-income expectation, low risk will mean low-income expectation. You can specify how much income you want to earn on average for investment companies, and you may want to transfer some of your 50,000 USD to low-risk risk fund and some to high-yield risk fund.

Long Term Investments (10 Years and More)

It is necessary to put the investments between 5-10 years into a medium-term investment class and subject them to the recommendations in short-term investments. The strategies of medium-term investments are similar to short-term investments, but long-term investment methods are unlike others, and often offer high income, although low risk.

Individual Stocks

Stock investments allow many people to earn a regular income, to partner with various companies with low risk, and to turn their savings into an investment. Those who will invest in stocks should not think short-term, because on average, a crisis occurs in the stock market every 5 years, and the stocks crash and cause the previous year’s return to disappear. But interestingly, after a while, the bills recover and provide a return on the old rate. In this respect, it takes at least 10 years to get a dividend or sell at a good price.

Invest in big companies or companies that you think will grow, your investment will allow you to earn income at the rate of growth of the company as the company grows more, because the value of your stock will increase at the same rate. In this respect, when you want to earn income, you can earn income by selling it at a low price.

Stock Investment Funds

If you are not knowledgeable about a stock investment or want to learn, stock investment funds are for you. Experts who invest your money in the most suitable fund with very low commission fees will try to get you an income from here. Since the income generated will be in the right relationship with the risk taken, you will be asked how much risk you would like to invest. Although your money is included in the fund, you can withdraw at any time, sell your stock or go to different bills.

]]> 0 Agricultural Loan Sample Calculation Thu, 23 Jan 2020 20:17:05 +0000 It is possible for farmers who want to use loans through Good Credit Bank to do this without interest up to a certain limit, which varies according to the production subject. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, for the higher limit of these loans, which are allocated as zero interest in order to support farmers, fixed interest advantage can be used and long-term borrowings can be made with flexible payment options. In this context, it will be useful to mention some details about the Good Credit Bank agricultural loan sample calculation and payment plan .

How to Get Good Credit Bank Agricultural Support Loan


The documents that producers who want to take advantage of the flexible payment plan agricultural loan facility allocated through Good Credit Bank must provide:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Farmer registration certificate,
  • Land registry, rental agreement, etc. that will register the agricultural enterprise. documents
  • A document confirming the ownership of the guarantees to be given as equivalent to the loan amount.

Producers who provide these documents can go to the nearest Good Credit Bank branch and make a request for an agricultural support loan. Applications made are evaluated within a short time and an allocation is made based on the verification of accuracy.

What are the Support Quantities?

How much interest rate cuts by Good Credit Bank to what amount is documented by the decision of the Council of Ministers. In this context, below is the table showing how much interest rate cuts producers will benefit from, depending on which activity subject. It is necessary to examine the table in detail and determine the subject of production well.

Do Different Institutions Give Credit?

Only Good Credit Bank was authorized for this loan allocated through Good Credit Bank. Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Agricultural and Rural Development Support Institution’s projects such as IPARD are other support programs and are not within the framework of this credit program.

In order to request related credit products, it is necessary to meet with these institutions separately. Good Credit Bank’s only duty is allocated for the loans to be allocated after the meeting with these institutions. In other words, it delivers the payment to the consumer for the approved application, but the necessary examination will be made by the institution itself.

Good Credit Bank Credit Calculation and Sample Payment Plan

Good Credit Bank has kept the payments required for this support program flexible. In other words, consumers can request a payment plan in a way that will best suit their harvest periods, and choose how many months they will pay their debts in installments. Therefore, it is not possible to make a single calculation and say that it is valid for every situation, but for a producer who draws 100 thousand USD for domestic certified seed, seedling and sapling use:

  • 8333 USD every month for a 12-month term,
  • 4166 USD per month for 24 months maturity,
  • 2777 USD per month for 36 months maturity,
  • 2083 USD per month for a 48-month term,
  • He will have to pay 1666 USD each month for a 60-month term.

The total principal debt will be 100 thousand USD regardless of the term of payment because 100% interest discount is applied to the producers who draw credit to use domestic certified seeds, seedlings, and saplings up to 100 thousand USD, that is, interest-free loans are allocated.

Agricultural Credit Conditions

In order to take advantage of the agricultural loan, it is necessary to be already engaged in agricultural activities. Therefore, this loan product is not suitable for entrepreneurs who will start agriculture, it is recommended that entrepreneurs in this group turn to the support allocated through ARDSI or Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. Manufacturers who will benefit from this loan:

  • To be able to provide collateral worth as much as the loan amount,
  • Having a CCS record,
  • Earning income,
  • To find a guarantor,
  • It is expected to meet the special conditions that may be required by the Good Credit Bank Branch.

Cooperatives Wanting to Use Loans

If this loan product will be used as a cooperative, the interest rates and supports in Table 1 apply. How much credit will be allocated to cooperatives will be determined by looking at the production capacity and compatible sizes.

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What is a Funeral credit – expiry? Wed, 08 Jan 2020 19:59:02 +0000 Nobody likes to talk about a loan for the funeral. As a grieving family member of the deceased, loved one, you do not want to burden yourself with additional worldly questions.

This little guide is written with the sincere wish that you do not have to waste your grieving time on a complicated loan search. Find out what information you need to measure the loan amount correctly.

We will also inform you which financing options – considering your personal creditworthiness – allow a simple credit approval procedure.

Funeral credit – expiry

Funeral credit - expiry

Your family funeral credit does not have to be in your account within a few days. Funeral directors know very well how much effort and time it takes to organize everything properly. As a relative, you do not have to fear payment pressure, a serious funeral home. The funeral bill is often only in your mailbox weeks after the funeral. The loan for funeral expenses is therefore only at the bottom of the priority list.

With the practically automatically deferred payment, you have sufficient time to process your own grief appropriately. You will see, after a short period of deep grief, you will find the strength to settle the estate. The will gives you information about your own funeral wishes the deceased had. Most people wish for little bureaucracy for their own funeral and only a ceremony in the closest family circle.

As a rule, only people who were able to make sufficient provisions for their funeral expenses themselves opt for large funeral ceremonies. You can use the bank statements of the deceased to see whether or not death insurance has been taken out. Insurance premiums for the insurance are part of the regular debits. The last debit can be a maximum of one year ago. The clerk at the house bank will give you, as the heir, the necessary information about any savings.

Funeral expenses are a priority in the distribution of inheritance

Funeral expenses are a priority in the distribution of inheritance

The inheritance of the deceased usually applies for the loan for the funeral of a relative. In addition to cash and insurance, tangible assets can significantly reduce the loan amount required. If the deceased already lived alone, the credit requirement specified by the funeral home’s cost estimate is reduced by the sales proceeds from the budget resolution.

The testator often considers several people. If several people take over the inheritance, they share the material values, but also the resulting costs. Basically, the funeral costs, practically as the last worldly edition of the deceased, have priority over all distribution requests of the heirs.

Communities of heirs, whose members are still fully employed, find low-interest loan offers for the funeral. Together, they apply for the total loan amount required using a credit comparison calculator. There is no special funeral loan. All loan offers are eligible for free use.

Funeral credit – a hurdle for a spouse

Funeral credit - a hurdle for a spouse

A long life together is the dream of every couple. The death of the beloved partner is not only a major emotional loss for spouses in old age. The economic situation also changes suddenly for the surviving partner. The already scarce pension is reduced. Old-age pensioners are no longer creditworthy at commercial credit institutions. The surviving partner hopes in vain for government support, such as the previous death grant.

The best option for the funeral loan in this location is strong family ties. One of the working children takes out a loan on behalf of the father or mother. In this way, children save their remaining parent, in addition to the grief of losing their partner, from having to overcome financial worries. Given the low pensions, it is extremely doubtful whether the old man or the old lady can actually pay off.

A loan for the funeral with small installments helps to ensure that family solidarity does not put too much strain on the household budget. The way to borrow is again recommended via the online loan comparison. Favorable interest rates and small installments do not have to contradict each other with current loan offers. Without the selfless help of relatives, the credit for the burial of the partner, for pensioners, turns into a problem loan.

Funeral loan – private problem solving

Funeral loan - private problem solving

Commercial loan officers have very little scope to take credit risks. From a human point of view, no clerk at a bank or savings bank likes to refuse to grant loans for the funeral. Internal regulations, such as the age limit for lending or credit security through proof of attachable income, tie the hands of credit decision-makers.

It is different when a funeral loan is sought from private to private. Any private investor can understand the need for lending. Age limits do not block the loan request on Good Finance, the established portals for private lending. Each private lender decides exclusively according to his own ideas whether he wants to grant a loan or not.

One of the deciding factors in responding favorably to lending is the ability of every investor to finance only small installments. This gives the human component of every credit decision from private to private the freedom to help. If many investors help with small amounts, the willingness to help and humanity ensures the loan for the funeral. There are fair opportunities, although the amount of the pension allows repayment very slowly.

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Government Grants for Greenhouses – Low and Zero-Interest Loans Sun, 05 Jan 2020 20:22:20 +0000 Greenhouse cultivation, also known as greenhouse cultivation, is carried out almost everywhere in our country. In tomato production of 50% of these greenhouse activities, although there is tomato production, other products such as melon, pepper, watermelon are also grown.

Greenhouse cultivation is a very advantageous business activity for our farmers who want to earn high income in low decare areas. In addition, banks give 120-month low-interest loans to farmers engaged in greenhouse activities, and they also have grant support for greenhouse .

Agricultural activity, where suitable conditions are provided for plants to grow and the atmospheric conditions can be changed to human, is called greenhouse cultivation. The most important benefit of greenhouse cultivation is its efficiency and low cost. In addition, it ensures that the amount of crops to be harvested at the end of the year can be calculated, unless there is a major natural disaster from the beginning of the year.

If you find out that this data is also known by the Ministry of Agriculture, you can make it easier for the Ministry to understand what awaits him by taking into account the annual demand and supply conditions. This facilitation is, of course, subject to various supports, so it will be useful to mention the grants provided by the state for greenhouse cultivation and to convey what kind of possibilities those who want to do greenhouse can benefit from the investment stage to the production stage.

Investment Phase Supports

Investment Phase Supports

In accordance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Use of Low-Interest Investment and Business Loan on Agricultural Production, if the people wishing to do greenhouse cultivation want to grow in greenhouses that will be at least one decare of size, a loan with interest rate discounts ranging from 25% or 50% through Good Credit Bank or Agricultural Credit Cooperative. it becomes possible.

Within the scope of the project to support rural development, 50% of grants are provided to greenhouse activities that are carried out using green energy, provided that they do not exceed the upper limit.

Pursuant to the National Real Estate Communiqués published by the Ministry of Finance National Real Estate General Directorate, people who plan to invest in greenhouses with technological or green energy may also be granted the right to use the immovable properties owned by the treasury.

Low and Zero-Interest Loans

Low and Zero Interest Loans

According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Use of Low-Interest Investment and Business Loan for Agricultural Production, Good Credit Bank has 25%, provided that it does not exceed the upper limit of 10 million USD by Good Credit Bank, provided that it complies with the minimum greenhouse registration system with controlled cover production conditions. An interest rate cut of 75% is provided.

Greenhouse Modernization

Within the scope of the Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Use of Low-Interest Investment and Business Loan on Agricultural Production, the companies that have already set up the greenhouse business but want to invest in modernization have zero interest up to 300 thousand USD in order to increase the efficiency after examining the minimum conditions of the building framework, foundation and installation technique. credit support is given.

Rural Development Investments Support Program


Within the scope of Rural Development Investments Support Project (KKYDP), 50% grant is given to greenhouse projects not less than 3 decares, provided that the laterantive energy resources are used.

Young Farmer Project Support

Within the scope of the young farmer project, it is possible for young farmers between the ages of 18 and 40, who live in settlements where fewer than 20 thousand people live, to receive up to 30 thousand USD if they want to do controlled greenhouse cultivation.

Treasury Land Use Permit

According to the communiqués published by the Ministry of Finance and the General Directorate of National Real Estate, the use of lands belonging to the treasury can be granted if a commitment to provide at least 10 million USD investment and employment for 10 people for at least 10 years, provided that it is equipped with technological or green energy.

Production Phase Supports

Producers registered in the Greenhouse Registration System will be able to benefit from TARSİM, Bumblebee or Biological and Biotechnological Struggle supports or subsidized credit opportunities.

In addition:

  • 4 USD diesel, 5 USD fertilizer, 2.5 USD soil analysis, 100 USD greenhouse good agricultural support per decare.
  • 600 USD support is given for agricultural extension and consultancy service.
  • TARSİM policy is given with 50% discount,
  • 60 USD support per colony is provided, provided that it is limited to a maximum of 2 per decare.
  • Within the scope of biological and biotechnological control support in greenhouse vegetative production, 430 USD support is provided per decare.
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Credit Cards You Can Use Without Fees Fri, 27 Dec 2019 20:19:42 +0000

With the increasing use of credit cards, it can be easily said that we started to become a society without cash payments based on statistics published. Undoubtedly, one of the most annoying issues about credit cards in this much life is annual card fees rather than shopping interest rates. Due to the serious lack of information about card fees, it is useful to address some issues and list credit cards without dues.

Credit Card is a Legal Right

It is very little known information, but it is necessary to know that no credit cards without dues were put into practice after legislation issued by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in the past. Thanks to this legislation, individuals can apply to their banks and request that their existing credit cards be replaced with the dues.

In accordance with the said legislation, in case people have a credit card with an annual card fee, they applied to the bank and they were given the right to replace this card with a credit card without dues, provided that the same limit was kept. Every credit card holder can benefit from this right, which can be depicted as a card change.

After the owner of a credit card without a fee, what kind of opportunities will be given to this card is under the control of the bank.

Can I Get Card Fee For Additional Card?

Can I Get Card Fee For Additional Card?

According to the BRSA legislation, it is possible for banks to request card fees for an additional card connected to the original card. But this is subject to a limitation. Banks may request at least half of the card fee received from the original card or requested by the card. For example, a credit card with a card fee of 50 USD may have an additional card fee of 25 USD.

No Card Fees Are Collected From The Cards Not Used For 6 Months

No card fee is collected for a credit card that has not been subject to any transactions for 6 consecutive months. If the card has not been opened for use, it is not possible to request a card fee. In case of such a situation, firstly, the bank should be contacted and research should be requested, and then institutions such as the consumer arbitration committee should be applied.

Can I get the paid card fee back?

Can I get the paid card fee back?

This is not possible if there is an item in the contract regarding payment of card fees and if the payments made in the previous periods are requested back. Nevertheless, it can be requested by contacting the bank, but the initiatives will very likely fail. However, the necessary procedures must be followed and an insistence must be made to request a return.

In case of a negative response from the call center or branches, a registered credit card objection petition must be filled in and the bank’s response must be expected. It is possible to apply to the consumer court by receiving the written response of the bank to this document. It is possible to reach the desired result after the delegation decision.

However, it is possible to contact the bank in the future to avoid paying card fees.

After the meeting with the bank call center, if the consumers state that they do not want to pay the card fee in the future, it is possible to replace their card with a credit card without dues. There is no need to bear any costs for this change.

You can also read our article titled How Much Is Reimbursed When Withdrawing A Cash Advance Of 5,000 USD From Your Credit Card.

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Personal payday loan calculator: How it works. Do your simulation now Fri, 20 Dec 2019 11:13:42 +0000 Before applying for a personal payday loan, it is convenient to use tools such as a loan calculator, also called a loan simulator. This tool allows the person who is thinking about whether or not to apply for a loan, make a simulation without any risk or commitment, since the result is simply proof of how that loan would look. Through the simulator you can calculate the loan that best suits your needs and personal circumstances.

In Moneyrank Lenders we put at your disposal an online personal payday loan calculator so that you can choose the amount of money you need between 750 and 5,000 dollars, and the fees in which you want to pay it back, within a minimum period of six months and a maximum of 48 months Its operation is so simple and intuitive that almost no need to explain it. But as there are always points to clarify, here we explain everything you need to know about this tool and our fast credits.

In order to qualify for a loan

In order to qualify for a loan

Our borrowing capacity must never exceed 35% of monthly net income minus fixed expenses

The first thing you have to be clear about is that the Moneyrank Lenders page scrupulously complies with all the security requirements established for you to request and receive your money quickly without changes. The second is to know your borrowing capacity.

That is, how much money we can allocate to pay our loan without jeopardizing our financial capacity. As we already told you in this blog, usually the monthly loan fee should not be above 35% of the net monthly income that we have left after subtracting the fixed expenses. However, this percentage may vary depending on the personal situation of the applicant, although this would be the maximum to avoid problems when paying the loan.

How the Currency loan calculator now works step by step

How the Currency loan calculator now works step by step

The loan simulator or calculator is based on the requested amount and the duration of the loan. Based on these two variables, calculate the monthly fees to be returned

In 3 simple steps you can simulate what a personal payday loan would look like using the loan calculator. We detail them below:

STEP 1: Choose the loan details

The personal payday loan calculator is the first tool that the user finds as soon as they access the Moneyrank Lenders page. It consists of two sliding bars: in the first ( ‘I would like to request’ ) the applicant can choose the amount in dollars he needs and in the second ( ‘To be returned in’ ), he must indicate in how many months he plans to reimburse it .

STEP 2: Calculate the monthly fee to be returned

Immediately below will appear the indicative amount of the monthly fee to be paid – since as we indicate “it is not a final offer” and “depending on the creditworthiness analysis, conditions may vary, including principal, fees of the loan and interest-.

STEP 3 See how much you will finally pay with the corresponding interest

A detailed breakdown appears in the amount of this installment indicating the amount of the loan, the number of installments, the Nominal Interest Rate or TIN (the price paid for the money borrowed), the Annual Equivalent Rate or APR (includes the nominal interest rate , commissions if any and the term of the operation) and the total to be returned.

Simulation features in Moneyrank Lenders

Simulation features in Moneyrank Lenders

In this regard, it should be remembered that the maximum online credit offered by Moneyrank Lenders is 5,000 dollars, with an APR ranging from 24% and a TIN from 22%.

If in a first simulation the amount of the resulting fee is not to the applicant’s taste, he can try all the simulations he wants in the personal payday loan calculator until he finds the combination that best suits his financial situation.

The final request will be more or less likely to be accepted depending on the proposed conditions and the personal situation of each user.

The use of the personal payday loan calculator

The use of the personal loan calculator

The resulting simulation and the sending of an offer are not binding. Once the calculations have been made, the user can proceed to make a formal request by pressing the ‘Request your loan’ button that directs you to the application form that you must complete with your personal data and your identity verification and send.

As minimum requirements, you must be of legal age, have a valid identity document, an online bank account, email and mobile phone. All essential data to verify the identity and our economic situation. Once the information has been submitted, the Moneyrank Lenders algorithm will analyze the situation of each applicant individually before determining whether or not to grant the credit. The process will take only a few minutes.

In this regard, it should be noted that the use of the personal payday loan calculator, the resulting simulation and the submission of an offer are not binding at all. Our loan offer may be accepted or denied. Moneyrank Lenders will only give credit once both parties have reached an agreement in which the borrower’s ability to meet the loan is proven.

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Credit for doctors is always special Wed, 18 Dec 2019 20:18:41 +0000 Banks like to see doctors as customers, even if they want a loan. Then they are treated almost exactly like officials. That is why they get a loan application easier and faster. The security for the bank mainly consists in the favorable income situation. This also gives them advantages over freelancers or the self-employed.

Every business start-up is associated with a risk, and this also applies to opening your own practice. However, diseases will never die out, so a practice can quickly fill up and generate income. In addition, numerous existing practices are being taken over in the country today, so that a patient population already exists.

Credit for doctors – always a highlight

Credit for doctors - always a highlight

A loan for doctors is always something special because it is only paid out to this professional group. It is not critical whether the money is to be used for an opening or for a takeover. In any case, a higher investment is necessary. The so-called investment loans are often given. Above all, they are characterized by their high flexibility.

More options

More options

Only the working capital loan offers even more possibilities. To do this, a checking account is created with a corresponding overdraft facility. The difference to other loans is that a doctor doesn’t have to pay monthly installments. There is also the possibility that the doctor will pick up money at any time. The amount of the sum is also optional.

A personal loan can also be used to make life easier for doctors. This credit for doctors is also not tied to a specific purpose. If a doctor works in the public service, he can also apply for the civil servant loan. This offers the advantage of low interest rates and long terms. Every checking account of a doctor is also granted with an above average high overdraft facility, since they usually generate a high income.

At the same time, credit cards with a limit corresponding to the income are always issued to doctors. Doctors benefit from many options in the area of ​​loans. They progress very quickly both professionally and privately. Nevertheless, you also have to take care of your credit rating , because every time you apply for a loan, the creditworthiness is checked. In the event of a negative credit rating, a doctor can also forget to pay out a loan agreement.

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Answers to Those Saying Why I Don’t Get A Loan Wed, 04 Dec 2019 20:44:20 +0000 Utilizing basic banking products is becoming a must in today’s world. In this context, as one of the basic banking products, loans can become a life-facilitating opportunity for various reasons.

Nevertheless, it is not possible for everyone to take out a loan easily, so it may be useful to answer who say to me why there is no loan and to touch on what should be done to reject the loan application.

Income Not Documented


Being a self-employed person, the problem of informal employment or failure to document this although there is a different reason is the most critical reason for not being able to use credit. If you have income and cannot document this, it is almost impossible to use a loan if you do not find a guarantor, guarantee or provide a mortgage.

Not Requesting Credit Proportional to Your Income

As per BRSA legislation, it is possible for individuals to transfer a maximum of half of their monthly income to loan installment payments. This is the upper limit, that is, a very high credit rating and a good record are required to use credit with this limit. Considering that this situation is very exceptional, it is possible to transfer approximately 30% of the monthly income to loan installments under normal conditions. Therefore, it is possible to reject the loan application if a loan request is made for the limits above this limit.

To calculate how many loan applications you can apply, you can divide your income by two and multiply by the number of terms. The resulting figure will indicate the maximum amount of credit that can be withdrawn. If you don’t have a perfect credit score, all you have to do is divide your income by 3 and multiply by the number of terms. Accordingly, the loan application you will make will likely be approved.

Payable to Another Bank Currently

Payable to Another Bank Currently

If you have taken out a loan from a different bank or are still paying for your credit card debt, this may result in your credit application being refused. Because, as mentioned in Article 2, it is possible for people to transfer only a part of their monthly income to loan installment payments.

Therefore, the fact that a debt payment takes up space in your monthly income is a serious risk factor for a new loan allocation. What needs to be done is to close the current debt and apply for a loan later.


Failure to fulfill financial responsibilities arising from basic banking products used in previous periods is also a sufficient reason not to use credit. If you have had failing payments (including delays) in the last 1 year, it is quite possible that the loan application you have made is negative. It is necessary to continue regular payments and not to request a loan for a while in order to be able to raise the falling credit score again.

No Credit Rating Occurred

No Credit Rating Occurred

If you are going to use a credit or credit card for the first time or if your credit score has not been formed for any reason, it is possible that your credit application will be rejected due to the failure of your credit score.

In this case, there are two different solution suggestions that can be made. If you have time, you will have a high credit rating if you first provide a low limit credit card and use this credit card regularly for 6 months to make debt payments.

If you do not have time, the only thing you can do is to apply for a loan with a guarantor, guarantee or a mortgage. In this way, your loan application will be approved. It should also be remembered that the guarantor’s credit rating has been formed and should be high.

Being Unemployed

If he has not been actively involved in the business life in the last 6 months, the loan application is rejected even if the unemployment benefit is received. Banks are institutions that act as guarantors and do not like the changes that occur in financial matters.

Therefore, the unemployment of the person is interpreted as a financial collapse and the loan application made is rejected due to risk. It is important to remind you that you need to apply for a loan after 3 months of employment because it is imperative to give advice even if you already know something.

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