Government Grants for Greenhouses – Low and Zero-Interest Loans

Greenhouse cultivation, also known as greenhouse cultivation, is carried out almost everywhere in our country. In tomato production of 50% of these greenhouse activities, although there is tomato production, other products such as melon, pepper, watermelon are also grown.

Greenhouse cultivation is a very advantageous business activity for our farmers who want to earn high income in low decare areas. In addition, banks give 120-month low-interest loans to farmers engaged in greenhouse activities, and they also have grant support for greenhouse .

Agricultural activity, where suitable conditions are provided for plants to grow and the atmospheric conditions can be changed to human, is called greenhouse cultivation. The most important benefit of greenhouse cultivation is its efficiency and low cost. In addition, it ensures that the amount of crops to be harvested at the end of the year can be calculated, unless there is a major natural disaster from the beginning of the year.

If you find out that this data is also known by the Ministry of Agriculture, you can make it easier for the Ministry to understand what awaits him by taking into account the annual demand and supply conditions. This facilitation is, of course, subject to various supports, so it will be useful to mention the grants provided by the state for greenhouse cultivation and to convey what kind of possibilities those who want to do greenhouse can benefit from the investment stage to the production stage.

Investment Phase Supports

Investment Phase Supports

In accordance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Use of Low-Interest Investment and Business Loan on Agricultural Production, if the people wishing to do greenhouse cultivation want to grow in greenhouses that will be at least one decare of size, a loan with interest rate discounts ranging from 25% or 50% through Good Credit Bank or Agricultural Credit Cooperative. it becomes possible.

Within the scope of the project to support rural development, 50% of grants are provided to greenhouse activities that are carried out using green energy, provided that they do not exceed the upper limit.

Pursuant to the National Real Estate Communiqués published by the Ministry of Finance National Real Estate General Directorate, people who plan to invest in greenhouses with technological or green energy may also be granted the right to use the immovable properties owned by the treasury.

Low and Zero-Interest Loans

Low and Zero Interest Loans

According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Use of Low-Interest Investment and Business Loan for Agricultural Production, Good Credit Bank has 25%, provided that it does not exceed the upper limit of 10 million USD by Good Credit Bank, provided that it complies with the minimum greenhouse registration system with controlled cover production conditions. An interest rate cut of 75% is provided.

Greenhouse Modernization

Within the scope of the Decision of the Council of Ministers on the Use of Low-Interest Investment and Business Loan on Agricultural Production, the companies that have already set up the greenhouse business but want to invest in modernization have zero interest up to 300 thousand USD in order to increase the efficiency after examining the minimum conditions of the building framework, foundation and installation technique. credit support is given.

Rural Development Investments Support Program


Within the scope of Rural Development Investments Support Project (KKYDP), 50% grant is given to greenhouse projects not less than 3 decares, provided that the laterantive energy resources are used.

Young Farmer Project Support

Within the scope of the young farmer project, it is possible for young farmers between the ages of 18 and 40, who live in settlements where fewer than 20 thousand people live, to receive up to 30 thousand USD if they want to do controlled greenhouse cultivation.

Treasury Land Use Permit

According to the communiqués published by the Ministry of Finance and the General Directorate of National Real Estate, the use of lands belonging to the treasury can be granted if a commitment to provide at least 10 million USD investment and employment for 10 people for at least 10 years, provided that it is equipped with technological or green energy.

Production Phase Supports

Producers registered in the Greenhouse Registration System will be able to benefit from TARSİM, Bumblebee or Biological and Biotechnological Struggle supports or subsidized credit opportunities.

In addition:

  • 4 USD diesel, 5 USD fertilizer, 2.5 USD soil analysis, 100 USD greenhouse good agricultural support per decare.
  • 600 USD support is given for agricultural extension and consultancy service.
  • TARSİM policy is given with 50% discount,
  • 60 USD support per colony is provided, provided that it is limited to a maximum of 2 per decare.
  • Within the scope of biological and biotechnological control support in greenhouse vegetative production, 430 USD support is provided per decare.

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