Instant Online Loan – What to do with 50 thousand USD?

If you are young and have enough money to invest, then you have to be more aggressive than the old people to invest. Now it’s time to save money and look for ways to increase savings to live more comfortably in the future. In this context, it would be useful to investigate what you can do with the 50 thousand USD you already own and to examine how an exemplary successful investment strategy is.

It is assumed that you have 50 thousand USD in accordance with the structure of this article and you can use all of this money for investment. These strategies can also serve as an example for higher amounts, but it should not be forgotten that all of them are not investment recommendations but only reflect personal opinion.

What to do with 50 thousand USD?


The answer to the question of what to do with 50 thousand USD should be answered in two different ways, short and long term. Because you can turn to different investment tools in the short term and different investment tools in the long term.

Short Term Investment (5 Years and Below)

If you expect your investment to return within 5 years or less, it may be a good idea to research the pension funds first. Pension funds decompose at different risk rates and usually promise higher or lower returns depending on the risk taken. In most cases, choosing the right fund will increase the savings of the person.

Although recommended by everyone, pension funds are a long-term investment instrument, so those who expect a return in the short term should turn to different investment instruments. Some of the investments that people who want their investment to be valued in 5 years or less can be considered really good.

Time Deposit Accounts

Time Deposit Accounts

Time deposit accounts are called accounts that enable you to pay interest after you borrow your savings to use in your bank’s activities. The bank uses the money deposited in time deposit accounts to meet the credit, credit card or investment needs of different individuals, and then, after receiving a small portion of the loan interest collected from this person as a commission, it pays the rest back to the borrower, that is, to the deposit account holder.

Time deposit accounts are a risk-free investment instrument, and income of up to 28% per annum can be earned. This rate is a very high rate and it makes the term accounts to be an investment tool that people can choose. Time deposit accounts can be opened monthly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly, 2 years or derivative in the desired term.

Treasury Bills

Just like banks, the government needs debt. In this context, the people who lend the government to use it in their activities provide this by purchasing treasury bills and in return of the treasury bills, a 5-year or a certain interest rate is obtained at a certain rate per year. Treasury bills currently provide between 23% and 25% interest yield.

It is one of the best investment alternatives that can be preferred for short term investments.

Other Bonds

Just like banks and government, private companies also need to borrow, and if this borrowing cannot be covered by the bank for various reasons, or if it is costly, companies can also borrow money and pay interest from the public. Bonds are risky compared to treasury bills and time deposits because it is possible for the loaned company to liquidate, ie bankruptcy, before making interest payments.

Due to this risk, the bonds offered by private companies often offer higher interest rates than those offered by time deposit accounts and treasury bills. These risk bonds make it an investment instrument that offers really high returns, if you are sure that the company will not be liquidated and trust the company, you can get a high rate of interest income depending on the time written on the bond.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds

Companies that offer investment consultancy offer their customers the opportunity to partner with their investments, and while offering this opportunity, they receive a small amount of commission. If you want to invest in stocks with your money, you can be included in one of the funds grouped by the investment company, you can become a partner and earn dividend income depending on your risk and income expectation.

Mutual funds are one of the most reliable investment tools, but you need to be sure about how much risk you will take. High risk means high-income expectation, low risk will mean low-income expectation. You can specify how much income you want to earn on average for investment companies, and you may want to transfer some of your 50,000 USD to low-risk risk fund and some to high-yield risk fund.

Long Term Investments (10 Years and More)

It is necessary to put the investments between 5-10 years into a medium-term investment class and subject them to the recommendations in short-term investments. The strategies of medium-term investments are similar to short-term investments, but long-term investment methods are unlike others, and often offer high income, although low risk.

Individual Stocks

Stock investments allow many people to earn a regular income, to partner with various companies with low risk, and to turn their savings into an investment. Those who will invest in stocks should not think short-term, because on average, a crisis occurs in the stock market every 5 years, and the stocks crash and cause the previous year’s return to disappear. But interestingly, after a while, the bills recover and provide a return on the old rate. In this respect, it takes at least 10 years to get a dividend or sell at a good price.

Invest in big companies or companies that you think will grow, your investment will allow you to earn income at the rate of growth of the company as the company grows more, because the value of your stock will increase at the same rate. In this respect, when you want to earn income, you can earn income by selling it at a low price.

Stock Investment Funds

If you are not knowledgeable about a stock investment or want to learn, stock investment funds are for you. Experts who invest your money in the most suitable fund with very low commission fees will try to get you an income from here. Since the income generated will be in the right relationship with the risk taken, you will be asked how much risk you would like to invest. Although your money is included in the fund, you can withdraw at any time, sell your stock or go to different bills.

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